Big Picture and Photo Puzzles

In the last couple of years, make a puzzle from a photo became increasingly popular. Today they’re the most common way people turn home photos into souvenirs or gifts. Many of the best web sites for photo puzzles offer a greater variety of jigsaws and a better level of service. Photo Jigsaw industry has expanded to accommodate the growing demand of people to come up with more creative and unusual ideas and designs.

The problem with digital photography is that it tends to remain on the computer. They are rarely seen by anyone. You can’t enjoy your digital photos the same. You can do this with a personalized photo-puzzle. You can choose one of the best photos you have taken or even an older family picture and turn it into a customized photo puzzle. A personalized photo puzzle is an ideal gift, keepsake, or way to document an event or occasion. It’s a more personal, fun way to view your pictures.

Family members are getting more creative with their personalized photos. Many people prefer to use composite photos instead of a single photo when creating a photo-collage. Photo collages, as their name implies involve more than one picture. They are a good way to capture a group memory for a particular event.

Create your own collage of photos to turn into a piece.

Choose a few of your favourite photos and print them out. Then scatter them over a bigger cardboard sheet, a page in an album or the carpeting in your home. They can be arranged in order or at random, with overlapping angles. After you have finished the layout and are satisfied with it, snap a shot of the entire design. The low-tech way may be basic but the result is a beautiful digital photo collage.

If you want to do something more sophisticated, your computer can achieve the exact same result with digital images. You can create and save your photo collage using free online programs. Google’s Picasso is one of these programs. It is available for download free, and allows you to produce some amazing results. Your creativity will run wild as you create amazing collages of family photos. After you’ve created a photo collage, save it as a composite image. Then upload the file to Photo Puzzle.

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