Community Colleges With Dorms: What are the Advantages?

Many students find that community colleges with dorms offer a great combination of the best and worst. They provide a combination of a high-quality education at a reasonable price and the possibility to live independently. In 2000, 225 institutions such as these offered residential arrangements. In 2012, 391 institutions offered residential arrangements. The advantages of residential community colleges for students who are considering their options following high school are worth consideration. If you want to be successful and get the best solution in going to college you need to know about the benefits of community college

Reduce the Commute

Some students who have families and work may not mind driving to school. However, young students may struggle to make the commute. Students can eliminate the commute and reduce expenses by choosing community colleges which offer dorms.

Save Money

Going to a 4-year school can be quite an experience. Many 18 year olds aren’t sure which major they want. Students who choose to live on campus can still take some classes in a residential junior school. Two-year schools are more affordable for tuition and room, and board. Many states offer student transfer programs that allow them to transfer their credits from two-year schools to complete their bachelor’s degrees at four-year universities and state colleges.

Enjoy Athletics

For those students interested in athletics but don’t get the chance to enroll at a four school, community colleges offer dorms. Students can participate in practices and compete while not having to travel far. These schools also have the ability to recruit outside the local talent pools, giving local student-athletes the opportunity to compete against international talent. A few students who were late bloomers might be eligible to return for their senior year at a fouryear college.

A new location is a good idea

Many students yearn to live in a new area, but are not accepted into their chosen schools. These students can move to new places by living at dorms in community colleges. If they are not comfortable with the change, they can transfer their credit and finish their educations at a four-year college closer to home.

Get the College Experience

For some students, it may be a priority to enter the workforce immediately. Two-year degree programs offer a faster route to employment. But, these students cannot enjoy the on-campus experience if they stay at home. The best way to help students achieve their goals is to choose two-year residential schools. They will be able to get a job quickly and still have the social benefits of living on-campus.

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