The pros and cons of purchasing Instagram followers: A comprehensive guide

We are now immersed in social media. Instagram is a very popular social media platform. Its user base, and the features it offers, are appealing to both businesses and individual users. In an attempt to gain popularity and power, many users believe that purchasing Instagram followers will help them achieve their goals. This practice, however, raises concerns about ethics and is fraught with advantages and drawbacks. In this post, we explore the pros of and cons to buying Instagram Followers in order to inform your decision. You can get the best guide on 100 followers for Instagram growth at BuyBetterSocial.

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Instantly Increased Followers: The most important benefit of buying Instagram follows is to immediately increase your following. This boost makes your account seem more popular. Genuine users will follow you, potentially increasing your credibility.

Having a large following can act as social evidence, letting others know that your page is well worth checking out. A large following can make potential followers think your content is worthwhile, which will lead to more engagement.

Your posts will be seen by a larger audience if your follower count is higher. This can happen through Instagram’s algorithms. If you have more followers, it is likely that your posts will appear in the Explore section, increasing your chance to gain organic followers.

Influencer Opportunity: Brands looking to reach your target audience may offer collaborations or sponsored content if you have an impressive number of fans. The number of followers is often a key factor when brands are selecting influencers to work with.


Lack of Real Engagement: Purchased Followers are often inactive or fake profiles created for the sole purpose of increasing follower count. This is because these accounts won’t engage your content and you will only get a number which doesn’t represent real engagement.

In order to maintain organic growth, it is not ethical to buy followers. You can appear less credible and influential to your true audience.

Instagram’s Terms of Service prohibit the buying of followers and actively works to remove inactive or fake accounts. If caught, there are penalties that can affect your online image, such as suspension of the account or its removal.

Low Conversion rate: It is unlikely that followers purchased will have an interest in the content you provide or your products. In turn, this leads to a lower conversion rate – turning followers into loyal customers or supporters – than organic followers.

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