This Executive Condominium is for Everybody

Executive condominiums in Singapore have unique features that can appeal to people across the social spectrum. Housing & Development Board of Singapore provides executive condos. They can only acquired by Singaporeans. Foreigners are not eligible for a HDB flat, apartment or an executive condominium (atleast for the initial ten years) due to state property acquisition laws. But for citizens, this housing structure is the perfect option for them to have a pleasant and secure life. Visit Grand Dunman site plan before reading this.

Executive condominiums or ECs – for professionals

It is the desire of each professional to have their home near their office so they can avoid spending hours on the road and lots of money to get to and back from work every day. In every district, executive condos will be located. This allows professional executives to have a home close to work. They will be able to use their time more effectively with their family or in other areas of importance.

Executive condominiums – ECs for Retirees

Many retirees want to be away from the hustle and bustle of cities. They are looking for peace, far from all of that. A lot of recently retired persons also want to downsize and save on expenses. This group of people can find the ideal solution in executive condominiums. It offers the tranquility of the suburbs as well as helping these people lower their expenditures. ECs of Singapore provide the perfect environment for a retired life within the city. They are surrounded in lush, green scenery with a desirable healthy climate.

Executive condos or ECs suitable for families

Location and facilities of luxury condominiums are a big plus for families. Aside from offering a wealth of opportunities in education for the kids, these condominiums also make it easy to access amenities that are important to families. People can also enjoy city living in Singapore with minimal expenditures by renting these ECs. Due to their low price, as well as the fact that the cost of life is reduced, it allows the people of Singapore to save a great deal of money.

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