What is the IV vitamin treatment and what are its benefits?

The intravenous (IV) therapy has become more widely accepted as a therapeutic and preventive treatment in San Francisco for patients suffering from various conditions. With low energy levels and other health issues such as chronic illness, high stress, environmental pollutants and poor diets and soil depleted of nutrients, IV Therapy is a great way to boost your health. You can get the best guide on http://myivdoctors.com/san-francisco/.

What is IV Therapy?

A direct infusion into the bloodstream of vitamins minerals, and antioxidants is intravenous nutrition therapy. Since the procedure bypasses your digestive system, it is a highly specialized form of therapy. These nutrients help to improve energy production in our bodies, boost metabolism, detoxification and promote healing. San Francisco’s IV therapy has therapeutic effects that go beyond oral supplementation.
It is useful for:

Adrenal Fatigue

* Burnout, stress and anxiety

• Sport preparation and recovery

Chronic fatigue

The common cold and other viral/bacterial illness

* Detoxification



* Anti-aging

* Parkinson’s diseases

Migraines, tension headaches

* Macular degeneration

* Fibromyalgia


Chronic illness

* Cancer

* Allergies


* Acute and chronic muscle spasms
Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy:

1. Treatments for many diseases that can be customized and are highly potent

The doctors that provide IV treatment are trained to recognize medical conditions as well as prescribe the appropriate IV therapy according to nutritional deficiencies of patients and their treatment goals.

2. Easy and fast

Most drugs, and that includes vitamin supplements, can be taken orally. This means they will pass through your digestive system. This is a very slow and dependent process, and the only way to get the maximum benefit from the vitamins is for the patient to have optimal digestion. In IV therapy we can be sure that vitamins are fully absorbed and your body benefits from them right away.

It is possible to begin feeling the benefits almost immediately. The IV nutrients will begin to show their effects within several hours.

3. Cut your Pills

The cost of the treatment can be reduced by using customized IV therapy.

4. Safe Option

San Francisco’s Naturopathic Doctors who provide IV Therapy do so under a completely separate license. In order to keep their licenses, the doctors must attend regular education.

Regulatory authorities in Alberta assure that NDs receive the highest training, possess knowledge and expertise to determine their patient’s candidacy and provide safe therapies. In the field of naturopathic health, this is a real area of expertise.

There is a very low chance of any adverse reactions or events with IV therapy. The doctor at the clinic will talk to you about your safety and what to expect.

5. Preventative treatment

Modern medicine is mostly focused on reacting to illness, and often neglects its prevention. San Francisco IV Vitamin Therapy is a form of Naturopathic Medicine that focuses on prevention.

In order to achieve homeostasis, the body needs to receive the correct amount of nutrients. Research has also shown that a higher dosage of some vitamins and mineral will heal in specific situations. These include fighting cancerous cells.

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