What Should I Do If My Eyes Are Unable to Close After Eyelid Surgery?

It is a rewarding and safe procedure. You should choose a Eyelid Surgery Portland to ensure that you are receiving the best care. It is possible that something can go wrong with any surgical procedure.

If you suffer from this problem, it is very serious. It is normal for your eyelids to swell temporarily after surgery. You may find that it takes more effort to close them and they are drier than usual. To relieve dry eye symptoms after an eyelid operation, use the eye drops prescribed by your physician. This is a temporary swelling, so it should go away soon. Your lids will return to their normal functions.

In six to eight weeks your swelling and dry eye symptoms will have diminished. If you are overly aggressive with your surgery, it can lead to long-term problems that could worsen the dry eye condition. If too much skin or muscle from the upper eyelids is removed, your eyes might not close completely when you’re relaxed at night. As long as this issue is brought to the attention of a physician, it can be resolved. You should consult an ophthalmologist if your eyelids can’t be closed completely when you sleep or are awake.

What type of treatment would I require?

The answer depends on how serious your condition is and the unique circumstances of each individual. You may lose your blink reflex if you have surgery that damages the same nerves supplying the muscles that close your eyes. It can occur if skin and muscle is removed when performing eyelid surgery. You may find that your blinking is not fast or strong enough to fully close the eyes. It means your lids are not able to move your tears to the eye surface properly to keep your eyes moist.

Your doctor may prescribe an ophthalmic lotion or increase the frequency of eye drops. The surgeon might recommend using a temporary plug to block the tear drainage to keep your eyes moisturized. It is important to consult a reconstructive surgeon when these remedies are insufficient to improve eye comfort. It is likely that your surgeon would be happy to address any of your concerns. If possible, it is recommended that you consult your original doctor. You should seek more than one opinion if, however, you no longer feel comfortable with the eye plastic surgeon that was recommended to you or your requirements exceed his or her expertise.

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